Friday, January 3, 2020

ZALP Launches ER-I Platform for Evaluating Employee Referral Processes

ZALP Launches ER-I Platform for Evaluating Employee Referral Processes A leading employee referral software company, ZALP has launched its campaign ER-i The Employee Referral Index, the largest global initiative on employee referrals. It enables organizations to benchmark employee referral program against industry leaders and other referral programs of successful organizations. The ER-i initiative began in 2013 to help organizations measure the performance of referral programs with the help of important variables and key performance indicators crucial for the evaluation and assessment of these programs.Recruiting professionals can use the ZALP platform to assess their employee referral programs and benchmark them against global industry standards. ER-i also helps organizations understand some of the best practices being used by other organizations and current trends in the area of employee referr als.At ZALP, our prime focus has always been to help organizations unleash the true potential of their employee referral program says Priyanka Prabhu, Sr. absatzwirtschaft Manager at ZALP. We thought giving organizations a chance to benchmark their current referral program with that of others in their industry would be a great step towards that goal.Each participating organization also receives its own personalized ranking report designed to help the company measure its program against other companies for the assessment of their current employee referral efforts relative to best practices in global employee referral programs.Participating in the campaign not only allows organizations to check where they stand on the Employee Referral Index, but they also receive custom strategies and recommendations in an action plan format.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

What to Do And Not to Do When Leaving a Legal Job

What to Do And Not to Do When Leaving a Legal JobWhat to Do And Not to Do When Leaving a Legal JobIn any legal career, inevitably, youll eventually leave a job. Maybe youll move on for a better opportunity, perhaps youll decide the law isnt for you and move to a new career, or perhaps youll need to take some time off for personal reasons or to figure out your next step. Whatever your reason for leaving your job, its important to do it correctly so that you keep your reputation intact and dont burn any bridges Here are some suggestions on what to do, and not to do, when youre leaving a legal job. What to Do Its normal to feel anxious or guilty about leaving a job, but theres no need to stress out needlessly. Follow ansicht tips, and youll leave on the best possible terms. Just Do It If you want to quit, and youre sure its the right choice, dont needlessly delay. People can tell when youre not engaged, and no one wants a deadweight employee hanging on for months or years on end. Ye s, leaving can be scary, but its better to pull the plug and move on if this isnt the right job for you any longer. Everyone will be better off, in the end, and every day you delay is another day that your employer is relying on you and giving you additional work to do Wrap Things up Properly Typically, youll provide some notice when you quit (two weeks is traditional, but some other period might be more appropriate in your situation). Theres rarely going to be a good time to quit a legal employer, but if youre at trial, or working on a huge deal, do your best to leave after the case is finished. In any case, be sure youve documented any processes that need to be documented and left notes in any files you were working on, to help orientate your replacement. If you can, its often appreciated to offer to be informally on-call for a few days or weeks after your official departure, just in case any major questions come up. Even if no one calls, it makes you look responsible and helpful . Say Your Goodbyes Personally When you decide to leave, ja will probably spread quickly, so think about who needs to know ASAP. Is there a partner you worked with frequently? Place a courtesy call (or drop by in person) as soon as youve given notice. Yes, it might be easier to let HR spread the word, but people do appreciate a personal heads-up when youve had a close working relationship. In the same vein, be sure to have personal conversations with the people you care about in the firm, from the receptionist you say Hello to every day, to your coworkers and assistants. Dont bad mouth anyone (see below), but taking a few moments to express your gratitude for their ongoing support can help smooth your departure and lead everyone to think of you fondly after you go. What Not to Do Now, here are some things you really ought not to do when leaving a legal job Dont Delete Your Email If youre working in a legal context, chances are good all of your emails are being automatically bac ked up, so deleting it wont do much good. And you totenstill shouldnt do it Deleting your email en masse makes it look like youve got something to hide, and might be a violation of your employers data retention policy. Check with your employer about what, if anything, they want you to clean up in your files or email, and strictly comply with the instructions youre given. Anything else just looks suspicious (and probably wont even do any good if youre trying to hide something). Dont Bad Mouth Anyone in Your Exit Interview The exit interview, should you be subjected to one, is not the place to express your true grievances. Its a formality, and you should treat it as such. Say nice, vague things about your employer and your boss, and get out of there as quickly as possible. Youre quitting for a reason, but no good can come of being honest in the exit interview The word always gets around, and you might need these connections later, even if it doesnt seem like it at the time. Express ap preciation for all youve learned, and move on. Dont Be Unprofessional Even if you hate the job youre leaving, go graciously. (Theres a funny photo of me looking gleeful as I cleaned out my law firm office for the final time, but I did that late at night so no one at the firm would see it) Have an elevator pitch ready to go when people ask you why youre moving on. Something along the lines of, Ive enjoyed my time here, and Ive learned a lot, but Id like to do more client-facing work, is sufficient. No one cares about your reasons unless you make a big deal out of how miserable you were, and how happy you are to be leaving. A little tact goes a long way

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

How much money do you want to make Heres what you have to do to get there

How much money do you want to make Heres what you have to do to get thereHow much money do you want to make Heres what you have to do to get thereI told my anfhrer I wanted to make more money.Follow Ladders on FlipboardFollow Ladders magazines on Flipboard covering Happiness, Productivity, Job Satisfaction, Neuroscience, and moreI had been working at an advertising agency in downtown Chicago for about two years. During those two years, I had gone from an entry-level copywriter responsible for writing social media copy for small, local brands, to writing billboard copy for national brands. I was the best writer at the agency, and I got to work on some of the agencys biggest projects.The problemI was barely making more than a barista.What do I have to do to make more? I asked.My boss and the company chairman sat opposite me in the back office. The chairman was very rarely in town and an investor to multiple companies?- ?a very successful businessman.For all my hard work, I felt I deser ved araiseVery calmly, as if remembering being in the same position 25 years prior, he asked, How much do you want to make?I wasnt prepared to answer that question. I thought more would suffice.When my silence spoke for me, he continued and said, Heres a simple way of thinking about it however much you want to make in life, all you have to do is figure out who is willing to pay that amount, and for what skill?- ?and then go acquire that skill.The moment he said that my entire perspective on raises shifted.Instead of thinking I had to become a better writer, I started to think about what skill would be worth more to the agency itself.And they werent willing to pay a writer more.But they were willing to pay a salesperson moreI didnt walk out of the room that day with a raise. What I walked away with was far more valuable?- ?and I spent the next 2 years learning everything I could about sales.In typical Cole fashion, I watchedThe Wolf of Wall Street127 times in my senderaum apartment.I found a friend who had a bootleg copy of Jordan Belforts Straight Line Persuasion video course.And then I started emailing people, tapping my network, and trying to sell our agencys services to anyone I could find?- ?from family friends, to random people I met at the gym.It took me almost 9 months to make my first sale.3 months later, I made my second.Until eventually, I was leading pitch meetings and was eventually responsible for bringing in one of the biggest development projects of the year.My commission check was equal to 2 months of my salary as awriterThere are two types of employees, said the Chairman on the phone, right after I received that big commission. I appreciated him for wanting to teach me, more than he wanted to simply have me chasing carrots.There are people who work with the tools, and people who sell or manage the people who work on the tools.A writer works with the tools, I said, vocalizing what this 2-year lesson had taught me.Software developers work with t he tools.Account managers work with the tools.Salespeople, however, workonthe tools. They are one of the few roles that can have a direct impact on how much revenue goes into the company?- ?not how well the revenue that comes in the door gets executed.Both skills are necessary for a profitable, successful business.But one is worth more.This article first appeared on The Ascent.You might also enjoyNew neuroscience reveals 4 rituals that will make you happyStrangers know your social class in the first seven words you say, study finds10 lessons from Benjamin Franklins daily schedule that will double your productivityThe worst mistakes you can make in an interview, according to 12 CEOs10 habits of mentally strong people

Friday, December 20, 2019

Dont Let Friends Sabotage Your Job Search

Dont Let Friends Sabotage Your Job SearchDont Let Friends Sabotage Your Job SearchIts terrible to contemplate, but its been known to happen friends, colleagues and even your own family members can sabotage your job search efforts.They may or may notlage do it deliberately, but the people closest to you can sometimes be impediments to change when you are trying to make major life transitions. Change, after all, can seem scary, not only for you, but for those around you, and your near-and-dear ones may perceive of any significant shift in your life such as a career change as a threat to the status quo on a very fundamental level.People close to you can place any number of obstacles in your path to finding a new job, from questioning whether youre really qualified (thereby undermining your self-confidence), to planting disinformation (read lies) about you or your personal life, in social media or in person (hence undermining your credibility).What can you do about it? Well, a few thin gs, as it turns out if you act swiftly to nip the problem in the bud.Be ProactiveFace your concerns head-on. Resolving the issue may take something as simple as sitting down and having a heart-to-heart talk to get things out in the open, and figuring out whether or why someone close to you doesnt seem to support your job search efforts.Monitor social mediaBe vigilant about keeping tabs on your online profile and tracking the information thats out there about you. Again, take a proactive stance you can even set up a Google alert for your name, so that youll swiftly receive any new information that pops up about you. Keep in mind that social media can be a powerful job-searching tool, and that potential employers use it to look for both the positive and the negative when vetting new hires. Maintaining tight control of your online reputation is critical. As social media goes, what you dont know can truly hurt you.Build your self-confidenceKnow that youve got what it takes to get hire d an easy fact to forget in the face of job rejection, particularly when those around you arent doing much to help you boost your confidence during your job search. Dont listen to the naysayers, keep your accomplishments in mind, and remind yourself that reaching for new goals is challenging, but success makes the challenge worthwhile.Forge aheadLooking for a job is a roller-coaster ride, to be sure, so dont let negativity keep you down. The ability to maintain a positive attitude is one of the best predictors of job-hunting success, so stay focused and keep your attitude upReaders, tell us your tips for keeping friends and family from sabotaging your job search

Sunday, December 15, 2019

The 7 step wardrobe detox guide for more mindful fashion

The 7 step wardrobe detox guide for more mindful fashionThe 7 step wardrobe detox guide for more mindful fashionNow that weve fully entered 2019, its not at all a bad idea to actuallystart crossing things off your extensive list. For example,decluttering your wardrobeand finding more ethical fashion solutions to your existing pieces is an excellent way to purge your style.Follow Ladders on FlipboardFollow Ladders magazines on Flipboard covering Happiness, Productivity, Job Satisfaction, Neuroscience, and moreIf you sneak a peek into your wardrobe, what do you landsee? A variety of haute couture pieces? Mostly second-hand items or those youve inherited from your siblings and parents? A mix of fancy and casual? Whatever it may be,your style choicesreflect so much more than their primary purpose. They also say so much about you as a person, and they reflect your values to a great extent.If youre big on cruelty-free beauty, wouldnt you like to choose brands and products that offer fair w ages and healthy labor conditions to their workers? The same goes for your ethically-made and sustainable garments that are not merely stylish, but care for our lovely blue dot.Now that youve had some time to think about what fashion means to you and how it represents you, move on tothe decluttering phase. It might not be the happiest of all stages, but its necessary to truly detox your shelvesTurn the one huge pile of style into several smaller bunches of what you consider must-haves, maybes, and the ones you should certainly give away or sell. Ask your spouse or your best friend who knows your style preferences for some second opinions if you cant let go of certain garments.Now that youre left with half of your wardrobe, its time to resupply those essentials. When youre shopping for underwear, sleeping items, and your socks, consider buying from vendors who focus on quality and durability. For example, when youre looking forwomens socks and undergarments, choose fabrics such as ba mboo and cotton that are breathable, skin-friendly, and will last for a long time.Also, focus on colors that are practical and that will fit your general style, since wearing black panties with white skirts isnt the best possible option for a sophisticated look. Finally, size does matter when it comes to your underwear, so get rid of all bras that dont fit were all guilty for sticking with an uncomfortable bra for too long.In addition to donating a portion of your clothes, you can also usewebsites such as StyleForItto pass on your loved wearables to other ladies in search for wardrobe updates. Its a win-win, as youll be able to find a new home for some of the items youre no longer in love with, and discover new (or used) ones that will fit your style perfectly.Other than that, you can support your local economy and look for a tailor that can make unique pieces according to your specific desires. Not only will you help a local business develop, but youll enrich your style with thing s that truly resonate with your personalityHaving a hard time saying goodbye to some of your older garments? Well, if they have emotional value and theyre still in good condition, you can repurpose them on your own, or with the help of your tailor. Whether your clothes are too big, small, or damaged, you canupcycle a wide array of garmentsas your own little DIY projectFrom decoupage shoes, using lace to lengthen a dress, all the way to turning a scarf into a wrap skirt, theres so much you can do with things you love if youre not prepared to replace them with a new item on the list. In fact, upcycling and reusing is in the spirit of mindful fashionIn addition to online shopping, used clothes often find their home in thrift and second-hand stores. Its a perfect shopping escapade for those who still love the adventure of shopping offline, and you can meet plenty of interesting people who can point you to the most sustainable brands and the most unique stores in your neighborhood.Then a gain, you can blend the digital with the offline stay informed on social media when theres a swap organized in your vicinity, so that you can get ready in time.Finally, even if you cut your wardrobe in half, declutter perfectly, and find trusty vendors, you need to make sure that the new changes in your style are still in accordance with what makes you so unique and beautiful. Explore new cuts and colors, by all means, but always make sure to opt for things that you know will flatter your figure and that you know will have a purpose in your wardrobe.Whats the point of getting a pair of transparent boots if youre more into eco-suede, or getting a ball gown if you never ever attend events that require such a dress-code (and you secretly prefer simplemaxi dresses instead)? The bottom line is, in addition to sticking to your values, make sure to use your fashion budget on items that will make you happyThis article first appeared on Dressing Room.You might also enjoyNew neuroscience reve als 4 rituals that will make you happyStrangers know your social class in the first seven words you say, study finds10 lessons from Benjamin Franklins daily schedule that will double your productivityThe worst mistakes you can make in an interview, according to 12 CEOs10 habits of mentally strong people

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New Questions About Canva Resume Answered and Why You Must Read Every Word of This Report

New Questions About Canva Resume Answered and Why You Must Read Every Word of This Report It is possible to also learn more aboutUploading photosto use by means of your Canva design. The info ought to be sufficient to grab the interest of whoever is reading it, which means that your color and design choices ought to be relatively subdued by comparison. Click the links to the articles for advanced alternatives and ideas about how to earn your design spectacular. If you dont, you always have the option to create a custom made undertaking. The many slides are dedicated to every component of the canvas. If you do choose to bring a photo you may use a colour overlay to allow it to be subtler, like in the above mentioned example by Egotype. Better still, it comes equipped with an assortment of templates that could be applied to a range of distinct industries. For instance, you can choose between templates for posters and or presentations, dependent on the content promoting strategy your formulated in the past step. What Canva Resume Is - and What it Is Not Employers will often request examples of an issue and the way you dealt with it. Employers like to know that you are ready to learn new abilities or technology. If youre a work seeker, applying for a job can be a difficult procedure. Many job seekers take advantage of social platforms like LinkedIn or an on-line portfolio. A number of them come with variations so that you can select your favourite design. Needless to say, the design always is dependent on the job that youre applying for. Then youre using your teamwork abilities. In other words, employing a Simple Resume Canva speeds up the practice of producing a winning resume and ensures that it is going to stick out in the application procedure. Downloading with a retina screen Retina screens have a better amount of pixels than a normal screen. Under My Files, you will discover your design. You must always present your very best content first . The templates are easily downloaded and designed On MS Word so the models are done free of charge. To assist you in getting started, following is a walk-through of the procedure to make an image to use as a Facebook update. The following advice will supply the guidance on the best way to create a basic resume template. When deciding upon a resume template, the most significant point to consider is that the template should be simple to navigate and professional. Asking your family and friends members about open positions is a significant method to locate the proper job. Youre fighting to get followers on social media outside your family and friends. Everybody knows that interviews are the absolute most significant part the work search, and whether you get the job will be largely based on the interview. The work description for any specific position will provide you with a clue as to whats important to the employer. As calling cards fell out of favour, the company card becam e the principal way of passing your details to somebody else. The procedure for requesting a job is stressful and time consuming. Get the Scoop on Canva Resume Before Youre Too Late schauplatz an aim is crucial and if its set following the SMART goals setting criterion, then its best. Setting a deadline is essential to accomplish the objective. SMART goal setting is the key to alleviating the common challenges faced over the course of a project or anything you need to achieve. Moreover, it is really easy to use and can be used anywhere, by anyone, without any requirement of training. SMART goal setting must also think about the timings because most goals are time bound. Its very probable that you dont stray away when you decide on an objective. A goal ought to have a deadline or else, it will merely be thought of as a dream. Your goals definitely have to be realistic as possiblenot form goals that must not be achieved or arent relevant whatsoever. What You Dont Know About Canva Resume To begin with, the important information will end up hard to see and, second, youll end up having to use such a little font that the card will come to be very tricky to read. Try out square cards for your next printing job and you will certainly be satisfied. So for the very first time the distinctive small business card made its look. Possessing individual small business cards in a jacket pocket or bag may get inconvenient.

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Understanding Professional Designer Resume Writing of North Alabama

Understanding Professional Designer Resume Writing of North Alabama Top Choices of Professional Designer Resume Writing of North Alabama Dont forget, resumes are formal documents that need a formal manner of writing. Opt for the fruchtwein suitable format before you begin resume writing to hit the work market. Scannable resumes need specific page designs because computer scanners cannot read certain products. In case the template isnt in the right format there is not any value of using it. 10 Most important youre selling you. Resume making is most likely one of the most overlooked parts of a work hunting strategy. Sales resumes have to show what type of salesperson you are and how well youve performed previously. The Tried and True Method for Professional Designer Resume Writing of North Alabama in Step by Step Detail Based on the next employers requirement, you can concentrate on job skills which youre supposed to utilize in your next job. Do not write what you would li ke in work. Do not offer the impression that youve hopped from 1 job to another. Any work seeker whether a fresher or a seasoned person has to compose the resume. Professional Designer Resume Writing of North Alabama and Professional Designer Resume Writing of North Alabama - The Perfect Combination In case the former, they could be helpful or expert, but odds are they arent. Youve made work of supplying outcomes. Detecting a list of professional on the internet would end up being a bright choice. Concentrate on talking about your skills to demonstrate you could indeed do that kind of work. Writing such things isnt professional. Writing a good resume is quite vital for securing work. Lots of people dont like their existing job or career. Professional Designer Resume Writing of North Alabama Ideas Hastings Business Service may supply you with the expert help you should increase your resume and land more interviews. The saatkorn as the usage of Lawyers, Mechanics, and A ccountants sometimes it is crucial to find expert help. List each of the former work experience youve got in the field youre applying for. Your resume should be formatted in an easy, professional way. The info has to be relevant to the position youre applying for. When youre armed with a good deal of information regarding the business and the job which youre targeting, you can start to formulate some essential phrases you will use in your resume, while its in a qualification or an accomplishment. The Chronicles of Professional Designer Resume Writing of North Alabama Focus on skills particularly if you havent had much experience. Concentrate on Describing Past Job Skills to be utilized in your next Job Before you submit an application for a job of your interest, you must be aware of what the employer is really searching for in candidates. If youre sending out 5 resumes to 5 distinct employers, ensure each resume is specific to every corporation. Bluntly speaking, yes, an e mployment may be a significant issue for a number of employers.